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         Raised in a family of talented singers, Bharti Desai started her stage career at a young age; the earliest memory being 5 years old on stage with her uncle. After taking formal vocal classes in Baroda, Bharti began performing on stage and serving as the master of ceremonies at many area shows. Because of her experience as a singer and a master of ceremonies, she became one of the permanent artists in the famous Gandhinagar Gruh Hall in Baroda. Bharti later became the MC for a show featuring the famous Indian singer Anup Jalota. When Bharti wasnt busy performing, she was an announcer at the Baroda Railway Station. Either way, her voice was heard by thousands of people.

In The USA

Bharti with Anup Jalota

Upon arrival to the USA, Bharti Desai began a successful career in the Indian community of Chicago. She began as an announcer on the Indian radio station Geet Gurjari. Soon after, Bharti began her career as a singer in the traditional festival of navratri called Garba-Raas. Bharti quickly became a very recognizable figure in the Garba community. She became a permanent artist for the Gujarati Samaj of Chicago for many years, which drew crowds of close to 3000 people annually. Bharti, however, did not limit herself to the Gujarati Samaj performances. She showcased her voice at many public and private Garba performances and Hindi film song shows all over the United States. Since her beginnings in Chicago as a radio announcer, Bharti has performed in over 300 garba and hindi film song programs in the United States. Most recently in 2002, Bharti performed on stage with bollywood superstars Karishma Kapoor and Chunky Pandey in TampaBay and Chicago.

            After much anticipation, Bharti Desai released her first album entitled "Re kana". The album features non-stop Garba Raas. After the success of the first album, Bharti released her second album in 2003 entitled "Ma Maro Chudi ne Chandalo". After over 15 years of performing, Bharti continues to actively sing at Garba and Hindi film song shows.

Bharti with Hiten Tejwani and Gauri from the TV show Kutumb and Kyon Ki Sass Bhi Kabhi Bahoon Thi, In  Houston, Texas





 Bharti with Karishma Kapoor In Chicago


                Bharti with Chunkey Pandey In Chicago

         Bharti has recently performed in front of a crowd of thousands in Houston, Texas. Among the special guests for the performance were two actors from the Akta Kapoor Balaji Television show "Kutumb". The actors, Hiten Tejwani (who plays Pratham on the show) and Gauri (who plays a character of the same name), were well received by the crowd. The actors even joined in on the fun by dancing garba and raas. After the show, the actors approached Bharti expressing appreciation for her performance. Hiten Tejwani told her that she was "one of the best garba/raas singers he has ever had the pleasure of hearing".

     Hearing comments like these, the organizers and promoters of the annual navaratri celebration in Houston signed Bharti for the 2004 navaratri program.

            After the show many fans were asked about Bharti performance. Here are some of the comments:

Bharti with Chunkey Pandey and Karishma  Kapoor in Tampa, Florida


"She was very good. She brought a lot of energy to the program. She sang without a Chorus, which was very unique. I always look forward to navaratri, and Bharti didi made it very enjoyable"


"She told me she sings at weddings too. I will definitely contact her when my time comes."


"She was very nice and approachable. I had heard she had a CD, and I asked her about it, and she gave me a complementary copy! I loved that!"


"Bharti has always been very professional. We signed her for this performance a long time ago. We had heard about her performances in Chicago, and we wanted to experience her style for ourselves. Houston was very happy to host her, and we are looking forward to having her perform again." Houston Navaratri program promoter.

"Bharti Desai did outstanding work as a master of ceremony. She kept the crowd receptive interested and responsive for up to seven hours, total length of the program." ---- Suresh Bodiwala, Chairman of Asian Media USA

Recently Bharti was the master of ceremonies for the Midwest Region FOGANA dance competition. Her efforts were mentioned in many news papers including "Desi Talk" and the Chicago Tribune. The Desi talk excerpt is below:

Compered by Bharti Desai, the event began with the traditional lighting of the lamp by FOGANA executive committee members... Bharti Desai sang the Indian National Anthem and was joined by members of the youth community.

Also Bharti has attended cultural programs with Mahima Chaudhry and Indian Garba singer Falguni Pathak.

Beyond singing and performing at cultural programs, Bharti has also Judged in several local and regional dance and singing competitions. Most recently she was invited to Judge at a national Acapella competition at the University of Iowa.


Bharti singing at Garba     Bollywood Show                      MC for FIA Banquet         Fogana Coordinator



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